Dasha's story
It is better for no one to know what parents are experiencing when they are told the diagnosis of their child. This is pain, horror, a sea of tears and great grief. And when the treatment does not help, it is impossible to breathe from fear. We were approached by the mother of 11-year-old Dasha, who has been undergoing treatment at the oncology center since October 2021. Our team again turns to you, our dear friends! It is possible to save Dasha, but treatment should be started as soon as possible! There is no time at all, and the amount is huge! Read mom's story and help this wonderful girl save her life. After all, life is the most precious thing we have.
Mother writes: "Good afternoon! Our family believed and hoped to the last that we would not have to ask strangers for help and open a gathering, but we have no other choice! We cannot risk the life of our beloved daughter. After all, she can lose her leg if treatment at the oncology center does not help!
On October 14, 2021, when all mothers rejoice at the postcards of their child on Mother's Day, our family heard from the doctor far from festive words: "Your girl has a malignant tumor." At that moment, the earth disappeared from under our feet, all plans and hopes collapsed in an instant, everything around became gray, all the colors of life faded. It seemed that this was not with our daughter, not with our family. I refused to believe it, I wanted to wake up, but unfortunately - this is not a dream, but our terrible reality.
"How is it, she is only 11 years old !! This is the time for games, walks with friends, but not at all for a fatal diagnosis, exhausting chemistry and painful procedures! " - I thought, looking at my daughter, losing her long braids.
In early October, Dasha began to complain of pain in her leg after physical exertion. A few days later, Dasha stumbled on her right leg and a hematoma formed at the site of the injury. She was taken to an orthopedic doctor for an appointment. The doctor sent for an X-ray and, based on the picture taken, revealed a tumor. We are hospitalized in a hospital in Grodno, an additional examination is carried out: CT and MRI - and a diagnosis is made: a tumor of the right femur. Then we were sent for a consultation to the children's cancer center in Borovlyany, where we were diagnosed with classical osteosarcoma of the right femur, II degree. From that day on, our life turned upside down. We began to understand that we could lose our angel, our cheerful, cheerful girl. We were prescribed chemotherapy followed by surgical treatment. We already underwent one course of chemotherapy at the end of October. On November 18, we arrived at the oncology center in Borovlyany for another chemotherapy, but repeated CT and MRI revealed that the tumor did not shrink, but, on the contrary, increased. And this was the second stage, which prompted us to seek help from German specialists. Before it's too late, we must act!
We studied information on how osteosarcoma is treated in our country, in Belarus. Unfortunately. In our country, the method of treating osteosarcoma is insufficiently developed and the chances of preserving the leg are very small. The German clinic Helios klinikum Berlin-Buch is ready to take our daughter for treatment, but the amount requested for the treatment is too much for us. But this is a huge opportunity that we cannot miss. Our Dasha's health was estimated at 150,000 euros. Taking into account the costs of the flight, accommodation for 10 months and an interpreter, the amount to be collected is 174,000 euros. And it needs to be collected as soon as possible, as the tumor is progressing. I beg you for help, help save our Dasha! I will not be able to live without her, I will never forgive myself the unused chance, to save the leg and her young life! Now we really need your help, any amount or dissemination of information will help us to free the child from the treacherous clutches of oncology! "

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